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4 of the Most Common Vaccines and Why We Receive Them

Posted by Staff on March 08, 2017

We live in a time where communicable disease epidemics are few and far between. We do not live in fear of getting polio, where paralysis of both the legs and lungs are inevitable. Nor do we have severe outbreaks of measles. Healthcare providers, and our nation’s population, have worked together to decrease and isolate outbreaks of highly contagious, deadly diseases over decades of diligence and development of preventative measures.

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Topics: Vaccines, Prevention

Flu-Fighting Foods to Boost Your Immunity

Posted by Staff on February 20, 2017

You know the saying you are what you eat? Well, in this case, it’s true! You can continuously wash your hands, use antibacterial hand sanitizer, and take your vitamins religiously, but if you eat healthy food too you’ll help your body fight off any intruders that may cause you to get the flu. Below are some power foods that you should add to your grocery list immediately!

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What is Preventative Health Care?

Posted by Staff on January 13, 2017

Preventative health care isn’t only care you receive to avert a health issue before it becomes an illness. It’s a way of life. From your lifestyle to vaccinations and early detection, the purpose of preventative health care is to avert a serious health problem. According to the Center for Disease Control, 7 in 10 deaths in the United States are attributed to chronic diseases. Several chronic diseases are preventable, and even treatable if caught early. Committing to health care prevention won’t only improve your life – it just might save it one day.

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Topics: Healthy Lifestyle, Prevention

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