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3 Things to Avoid If You Have Chronic Pain

Posted by Staff on April 28, 2017

red and white exclamation pointChronic pain is pain lasting 6 months or longer. The most common cause is the spine, and the various nerves attached to it. Living with chronic pain can be unbearable. It affects the way you sleep, how you go about your day, what activities you can participate in, and even how much you eat.

Managing chronic pain is difficult, especially if the cause is unknown or has no cure. While we’ve written some tips on managing pain, we’d like to give you some insider advice on what not to do if you have chronic pain.

Don’t Overexert Yourself

The quickest way to exacerbate an old injury is do more than you know you can. Even if it’s a controlled motion, if you’re doing it several more times than you’re used to you are at risk for further injury.

When muscles are worked well beyond their comfort zone they swell. This breakdown is how you build more muscle, but the process includes inflamed muscle tissue.

If you’re experiencing chronic pain, and you use the muscles around the origin of the pain, they will increase in size. This increase puts pressure on the origin of the pain, causing further irritation. Swelling + irritation = more pain. It’s ok to exercise, but take things slow and DO NOT overexert yourself.

Don’t Self-Medicate

The problem with chronic pain is that it’s continuing. There’s no easy fix, and non-opioid drugs don’t always work. Many people who suffer from chronic pain will begin self-medicating to put an end to the madness. This is the worst thing you can do for yourself.

Self-medicating comes in many forms: the use of prescription drugs that aren’t yours, excessive use of alcohol, and even the use of illegal drugs. If you are feeling like this is your only option, please contact your physician. They would rather you try a multitude of other options before ingesting substances that can damage your health, or interact with any other medications you are on.

Don’t Avoid Seeing a Physician

Avoiding your physician when you’re experiencing chronic pain is not a good idea. You may believe your physician can’t do anything for you, but remember: the more things you try and fail in terms of pain management, the more tailored the program your physician is creating will be.

If you’re unsatisfied with the care you’re receiving, request a new physician. Do not stop seeing a doctor. New developments are made every day, and sometimes you have to experience a large amount of trial and error before you find a pain management regiment suited to your needs.

If you’re experiencing chronic pain, and are having trouble managing it, stop by one of our clinics. At our Medical Specialty Centers – Your Everyday Health Care Clinic, we work hard to ensure we fully understand your needs, and you fully understand the plan for your treatment. We have locations in Gridley, and Oroville. Walk-ins are welcome!

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