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Back to School, Healthy and Happy: National Immunization Awareness Month and More

Posted by Staff on August 28, 2023

Back to School, Healthy and HappyAugust marks the beginning of back-to-school preparations, a time when parents, teachers, schools, and students gear up for a season of education. It's a time to dust off the backpacks, fill them up, and plan for a new school year. But beyond the traditional back-to-school checklist, August is also recognized as National Immunization Awareness Month, emphasizing the importance of vaccinations and preventive health measures.

Here are some ways you can get your child ready for school health-wise, highlighting the significance of immunization and providing tips for ensuring your child practices good hygiene to prevent illness.

Guarding Against Infectious Diseases

Vaccinating your child can prevent suffering and even save lives by guarding against diseases like diarrhea, measles, pneumonia, polio, and whooping cough. Many schools have vaccination requirements to attend. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, vaccines are 99% effective and undergo rigorous testing for safety. They are a critical tool in preventing the spread of infectious diseases, some of which have made a concerning comeback in recent years.

One concept vital to understand is herd immunity, achieved when a certain percentage of immunized people in a community provides protection, even to those who cannot be immunized due to age or health conditions. It's important to ensure as many people as possible get immunized, as relying solely on herd immunity can put non-immunized individuals at risk. Skipping booster vaccinations or forgetting immunization schedules can compromise both your family's and your community's health.

Back to School Health Tips: Preparing for a Successful Year

As you prepare your child for school, consider these health-wise tips:

  1. Immunization Checkup: Schedule a visit to your doctor to ensure your child is up-to-date with vaccinations. Discuss any specific vaccine needs with your healthcare provider.
  2. Kindergarten Readiness: If your child is transitioning to kindergarten, make the process smoother by visiting the classroom, meeting the teacher, and establishing routines in advance.
  3. Annual Physical: It’s required if your child will be participating in a school sanctioned sport, but it’s always good to have a regular check-in with your doctor.
  4. Children's Eye Health: Prioritize your child's vision health by scheduling a routine eye exam. Ensure they have the correct prescription lenses if needed and provide necessary protective gear for sports and activities.
  5. Nutrition: Teach children the importance of a healthy diet and encourage them to make nutritious choices at school.
  6. Routine: It helps children to have a regular schedule for their health. This also includes adequate sleep. By getting the body into a physical rhythm, it can better function and protect your child from getting sick as well as ensuring proper development.
  7. Hygiene Habits: Educate your child about the importance of good hygiene. Encourage handwashing, the use of tissues for coughs and sneezes, and the importance of not sharing personal items to prevent the spread of illnesses.

Incorporating these practices into your back-to-school routine not only ensures your child's health and safety but also contributes to a successful and enjoyable school year.

back to school health infographic

Good Health Can Start at Any Age

Back-to-school season is not just about buying supplies and choosing new outfits; it's an opportunity to prioritize your child's health. National Immunization Awareness Month serves as a reminder of the critical role vaccines play in protecting our children and communities.

Additionally, focusing on eye health and hygiene habits can help ensure a successful and healthy school year. Orchard Hospital encourages you to take these steps to keep your child healthy and happy as they embark on their educational journey. If you need to get your child their required vaccinations or annual physical or more, please schedule an appointment with us today!


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