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Could Your Seasonal Allergies Be Something More Serious?

Posted by Staff on June 30, 2017

woman with allergies blowing noseIt’s the time of year where you don’t think twice about your sneezing, sinus pressure, runny nose, or that tickle in your throat because they’re all signs of seasonal allergies, right? Well, maybe not. We tend to associate certain symptoms with certain times of year, but you may be misdiagnosing yourself. Sometimes what seems like seasonal allergies could actually be a symptom of something worse – such as a sinus infection, migraines, or immune system issue just to name a few – in which case you’d want to know as soon as possible to properly treat the condition.  


Posted by: Prevention.com


7 Signs Your Seasonal Allergies Are Actually Something Worse

Clear fluid dripping from one nostril

"If a person has clear drainage from their nose that tends to be only on one side, and tends to happen more when they lean their head forward, that could indicate a cerebral spinal fluid leak," Comer says. 

He says there's a thin plate that separates your sinuses from the parts of your brain where this cerebral spinal fluid flows. If a hole opens in that plate, the fluid can leak through. While the fluid drip in itself isn't dangerous, the hole that accounts for it could lead to a life-threatening brain infection. 

"It's not that common, but in my world as a rhinologist, I think I saw 5 cases just last month," Comer says. "Some people come in and say they've had the dripping for more than a year and thought it was just allergies."

Green snot and cheek pain

If you have cheek pain—especially if the pain is on one side, in the sinus areas below your eyes, and accompanied by green snot—that's more likely an infection than some kind of allergy issue, Comer says. "The pain can also radiate up into the forehead and temple," he says. "What's happening is the maxillary sinus below your eye has become infected and blocked off." (Here are 4 foods to avoid if you have spring allergies.)


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