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Creative Snack Ideas to Get Your Kids to Eat Healthy

Posted by Staff on April 03, 2017

backyard bug snacksGetting kids to eat their fruits and veggies is hard enough, but when you have a picky eater it’s even harder. It can be tempting to give in as long as they’re eating something, but allowing bad eating habits – like reaching for the cookies instead of carrots or a bag of chips instead of a banana – can lead to an unhealthy lifestyle. An unhealthy lifestyle can lead to weight gain and even child obesity or obesity as a teen or adult. Help your kids to start good eating habits by making fun, creative and healthy snacks like the ones featured below:

Posted by: The Crafting Chicks

Backyard Bug Snacks

Nutty Butterflies

Let’s start with those nutty Butterflies. Slice a few celery sticks, fill with peanut butter and top with some pretzels. Finish it off with a few candy eyes to make these flying bugs complete.

For Butterflies

  • celery stalks
  • peanut butter
  • mini pretzels
  • candy eyes

Sweet Caterpillar

Who doesn’t love a sweet caterpillar? This crawling bug is simply made with a wood skewer, some grapes, two candy eyes and a little icing gel. Love that smile!

For Caterpillar

  • grape
  • wooden skews
  • candy eyes
  • icing gel or edible black marker

Lovely Ladybugs

And of course, every back yard has a ladybug or two. A cracker topped with provolone cheese holds a cherry tomato with a black olive and a few candy eyes. I speckled the tomatoes with icing gel. Tip: If you don’t think the sweetness would compliment this snack you could always use an edible black marker instead.

For Ladybug

  • crackers
  • cheese
  • grape tomatoes
  • black olives
  • candy eyes
  • icing gel or edible black marker

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These snack ideas are a fun way to “sneak” healthy foods into your child’s diet. They’ll have so much fun eating them, they’ll forget how good they are for them. You might even be parent of the year for making nutritious snacking a cool thing to do. Whether your goal is to prevent childhood obesity or get your child’s eating habits under control, Orchard Hospital is here to help.

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