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I Feel Fine - Do I Have to Get an Annual Checkup?

Posted by Staff on August 15, 2019

Patient and DoctorAnother year has gone by and you get that call from your doctor’s office, it is time for your annual check-up. However, you feel fine and start to think, “Why every year?” When we are currently healthy we tend to neglect going to the doctor, but a proactive mindset is the key to long-term health. Here are four reasons why regularly scheduled check-ups are important. 

1. Find Problems Early:

During routine check-ups your doctor or nurse practitioner can recommend screenings and tests to do as you are getting older. These test and screenings can help find issues earlier. The earlier the better when it comes to diagnosing a health issue. There is a better chance to find effective  treatments in the earlier stages of a diagnosis. The less damage that your body has to go through is important to a longer and healthier life. The Partnership to Fight Chronic Disease says that as many as 100,000 lives could be saved each year if we increased are preventive care, like check-ups and screenings. Here are some screenings and tests that you and your doctor might want to talk about.


2. Maintaining the Relationship:

When you have a consistent appointment with your doctor every year, they are able to collect information on you. If something seems abnormal then they are able to spot it easier. If they are only seeing you when you are not feeling well, then they will have no basis for what your “normal” health is. Annual check-ups are also great ways to figure out your future plans to stay in good health. You are able to talk about potential tests that will need to be done and some family health history that may need to be looked at.


3. Updating Your Information:

When you go into the doctor’s office you usually fill out paperwork that ask you about any potential allergies and changes in medication. This information is very important for the doctors. They are able to diagnose you better or treat you more accurately if they have this information. If the current medication that you are taking is not helping you or the side-affects are negative than you and your doctor can talk about different medications or methods. The more information the better when it comes to your health.


4. Hearing Good News is Nice:

Sometimes hearing that “all clear” from your doctor is a reassuring thing. Annual check-ups help you discover what you are doing right. As our bodies age we can get nervous about some of the changes. Talking with your doctor can clear those fears from your mind. Check-ups are also great for keeping an eye on things. If you are nervous about a certain mole, or you blood pressure was not great last time and you have been working on it, a check-up can help relieve your mind from that stress.


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