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Is It Too Late to Get A Flu Shot?

Posted by Staff on November 29, 2019

better late than neverFlu season is a confusing term. The flu isn’t just a season, and there isn’t one catch all flu shot. If you’ve forgotten to get your flu shot you’re probably wondering if it’s too late. The answer? Nope! It’s not too late to get a flu shot.

Flu season is October through May, however there is no reason you can’t get a flu shot at any other time. It's definitely not too late to get one this year! In addition to a flu shot though, there are a couple other things you can do to protect yourself throughout the year.

The general recommendation for when to get a flu shot is two weeks before flu season. This recommendation is in anticipation of a flu virus surge in the population.

The surge typically happens around December, sometimes even earlier. The cause of this surge isn’t a magical flu appearing to take over our communities, but can be chalked up to dehydration, and harsher temperatures forcing the body to work harder. When the body works harder, its immune system will not be capable of doing its finest work.

Take Your H20 on the Go

As the weather gets cooler, people begin to forget about water. They don’t have the sweat summer brings, or the almost-unbearable heat of the sun as reminders to drink more H2O. Dehydration adds stress to your body, in turn making it difficult for your own immune system to fight off every foreign pathogen it encounters.

Couple the dehydration with extremely cold temperatures forcing your system to work overtime in survival mode, and you have a wonderful opportunity for a virus to infiltrate. Find a water bottle you like and keep it with you to remind you to stay hydrated!

Anticipate and Stay Up to Date

Each year you receive a different flu shot. The virus most likely to cause the maximum amount of widespread damage to our population is identified, and that is the vaccine you receive. That particular virus may also make a comeback the following year. Or we may see a rise in a virus we found prevalent 4 years ago.

Keeping up to date on your flu shot isn’t only about the current season, it’s about gaining immunity to several different types of flu viruses with the potential of bringing extreme harm to your health. You don’t need a “season” for that.

If you haven’t received your flu shot yet, please stop by one of our clinics. We can give you more information regarding flu shots, discuss a schedule that works for you, and address any health concerns you may have. Walk-ins are welcome at our Gridley and Oroville Medical Specialty Centers – Your Everyday Health Care Clinic!

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