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Orchard Hospital Awarded 3 Separate Grants

Posted by Staff on December 26, 2019

doctor and businessman shaking handsServing the medical needs of a small town can often be challenging – especially for a non-profit hospital like Orchard Hospital. With the addition of Camp Fire Survivors over the past year and the establishment of the FEMA community within the Gridley area, Orchard has continued to live by its mission to provide quality health care to residents.

But the rapid growth takes its toll. With the added population comes additional needs for more monetary funds, supplies and staffing support. Orchard is able to meet these needs by being the recipient of three separate grants.


Posted by: The Gridley Herald

Orchard Hospital Granted Much Needed Funds

Gretchen Bender, Director of Foundation Relations and Grants Administration shared that Orchard has recently received 3 grants in the form of monetary funds, supplies and or staffing support totaling almost $800,000. Bender states, “We received $50,00 from North Valley Community Foundation to purchase needed equipment supplies for the clinic and for the emergency department, as well as to beef up our transportation fund.”  That was just the first grant.

The three grants come from Orchard being an active part of the long-term recovery. After the initial $50,000 from NVCF, Orchard received a shipment of supplies from an organization called Americares - a national disaster relief foundation. Americares plans to help Orchard staff a new primary care provider, one of the “two main positions we’re funding through this grant,” says Bender. The second position is “what we are calling a community care coordinator,” says Bender, which would be someone that would ensure that residents of the Camp Fire community and their children have their medical records reproduced, that they get referrals out to specialist and overall are receiving well-coordinated care from Orchard and its clinic.


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Orchard is committed to being part of the long-term recovery of the communities affected by the Camp Fire, while continuing to provide the highest quality of care it knows its capable of with these much-needed funds.

Whether you need a flu shot or require a visit to the ER, Orchard Hospital offers the North Valley a full continuum of health services. The Medical Specialty CenterYour Everyday Health Care Clinic also offers walk-in care and appointments 7 days a week. 

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