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Pros and Cons of Visiting A Health Care Clinic

Posted by Staff on September 23, 2022

pros and consIf you're sick, injured, or you need vaccinations, you have a few options to choose from when it comes to getting the care that you need. Some people will call their primary care physician when they need medical care and there are some people who will go straight to the emergency room. Finally, many people today visit health care clinics to get the care that they need. If you're considering going to a health care clinic when you need to be treated by a health care professional, you should know the pros and cons of visiting one of these facilities.

Pros Of Visiting a Health Care Clinic

The reason that so many people are visiting health care clinics today is that these facilities have several benefits that patients cannot get from their primary care physician or an emergency room. Here are some of the ways these facilities can benefit you.

No appointment necessary

One of the major benefits of health care clinics is that you don't always need an appointment to be seen. If you start feeling sick or if you're injured, you can go to the clinic whenever you're free to get the treatment that you need.

If you're planning to see your primary care physician, you would need to make an appointment. Many physicians will try to squeeze their patients in for a sick visit, however, in many cases, you would still need to wait to get an appointment.

Longer Hours

Most primary care physicians have set hours. Most doctors offices are open Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. There are some doctors who are open late one day a week to accommodate their patients who work, however, these appointments can be hard to come by.

Heath care clinics operate differently. Most clinics open early in the morning and are open later in the evening. Most clinics are also open on the weekends. This is great for anyone who needs medical treatment quickly or who cannot find the time to visit their primary care physician during regular office hours. 

Quick Treatment Time

If you're sick or injured, the last thing you want to do is sit in a doctors' office waiting to be seen. Health care clinics are designed to see the maximum amount of patients in the shortest amount of time.

Health care clinics have enough healthcare professionals on staff so that you can get in and out quickly, but still receive the time and attention that you need to be treated properly.

According to UrgentCareLocationsthe average wait time at a health care clinic is 15 minutes while the average wait time at an emergency room is two hours.


If you're planning to travel and you need the necessary vaccinations to do so, you can walk into a health care clinic without an appointment and get the vaccinations that you need. The same is true if your child needs vaccinations before they can start school.

While you can get the necessary vaccinations from your primary care physician, you would need to wait until an appointment is available. If you need the vaccine at the last minute, it might not be possible with your primary care physician but it would be if you were to see a healthcare professional at a clinic.

Work and Sports Physicals

In order for a child to participate in sports, most schools and communities require that they have a sports physical. This is a quick exam designed to make sure that your child is fit enough to participate in sports.

There are certain jobs that require employees have a work physical each year. This is a short exam similar to a sports physical. You can visit your primary care physician to have these physicals done and get the necessary documentation, however, you would need to schedule an appointment.

If your doctor is booked up, there's a chance that you won't get the physical and the necessary documentation in time. Since health care clinics operate on a walk-in basis, you can get the exam whenever you need it.

Cons of Visiting A Health Care Clinic

While there are many benefits of visiting a health care clinic, there are also a few downsides. Before deciding to get the care that you need from a health care clinic, you should consider the negative aspects of these clinics.

Limited Care

According to WebMD, there are certain things that define a true emergency. If your issue is a medical emergency, the emergency room is where you should be. While health care clinics can treat a variety of issues, they cannot treat everything.

There is a chance that your illness or injury will be too serious for the clinic to treat, and you would be referred to the emergency room. If this were to happen, it may take longer to get the care that you need.

Before visiting a health care clinic, you should first find out what services they offer. For example, if you have an injury and you think that you may need an x-ray, you should first make sure that this service is offered at the clinic. If not, you are better off going to the emergency room to be on the safe side. The same is true if your condition would require additional testing such as an MRI or a CAT scan.

Limited Access To Your Medical History

When you visit a health care clinic, you'll be given paperwork to fill out. In this paperwork is a quick questionnaire regarding your medical history. Most health care clinics will list a variety of illnesses and conditions and you would check off any that apply to you. While this can be helpful for the medical professional treating you, it won't be as detailed as the history that your primary care physician has. If you have been seeing the same doctor for years, they will have a complete medical history which can be helpful for your diagnosis and treatment.

Unknown Caregiver

When you visit a health care clinic, you often won't know the person that is treating you. Even if you have visited the clinic in the past, chances are you won't get the same doctor every time. When you make an appointment with your primary care physician, you will be treated by the doctor that you have chosen for your long-term care and who you trust.

There are pros and cons to visiting a health care clinic. In many cases, the downsides would depend on your illness or injury. Consider choosing Orchard Hosptital's Medical Specialty Center - Your Everyday Health Care Clinic - next time you need medical attention. 

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