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Quick Guide for Using Cloth Face Coverings

Posted by Staff on July 15, 2020

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The Center for Disease Control and World Health Organization advise the use of simple cloth face coverings to slow the spread of the Covid-19 virus, and help people who may have it, but do not know it, from transmitting it to others. Cloth face coverings can be used as an additional public health measure.

Masks don't make you invincible, and they absolutely can't replace good hygiene, but along with washing your hands and practicing social distancing, they can help.

Whether or not to wear a face mask in the wake of Covid-19 is a hot debate. Do they really work? Are they just for public perception? A mask acts as a barrier to prevent the spread of the virus, but it only works when worn correctly.

Do’s and Don’ts of Wearing a Cloth Face Mask

DO wash your hands with soap and water or use an alcohol-based hand rub before touching the mask.

DO adjust your mask so it covers your mouth, nose and chin, adjusting the mask so there are no gaps on the sides.

DO wash your hands with soap and water or use an alcohol-based hand rub before removing the mask.

DO handle the mask by the straps only.

DO change your mask if it gets dirty or wet.

DO wash your fabric mask with soap or detergent, in hot water, at least once a day.

DO consider making your own cloth face covering.

DON’T use a mask that is dirty or damaged.

DON’T touch your mask while wearing it.

DON’T wear a loose-fitting mask.

DON’T wear a mask under the nose.

DON’T share your mask with others.

DON’T wear a mask while exercising as it may reduce your ability to breathe comfortably.

DON’T place a mask on a child under 2 years old or people who suffer from breathing difficulties.

It’s important to remember that masks alone can’t protect you from Covid-19, but they can help prevent the spread of the virus.

If you’re experiencing an urgent health crisis, Orchard Hospital and the Medical Specialty Center – Your Everyday Health Care Clinic – is safe, ready and here to care for you.

We have extra precautions in place to keep everyone safe including: symptom screening questions, temperature checks, increased cleaning and disinfecting, visitor limits, social distancing guidelines, and all who enter are required to wear a mask.

We are actively monitoring and responding to all recommendations made by the CDC and Butte County Public Health.


Source: COVID-19 advice for the public: When and how to use masks

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