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The Best Overall Health Apps for 2023

Posted by Staff on January 07, 2023

Orchard Blog Fitness App CoverThe new year is an optimal time to start fresh and think about what you want to improve upon for the coming year. People reflect on their past year, create goals to achieve and decide what to cut out. Many times they are related to physical and mental health as people want to improve their overall wellness. 

When developing a new lifestyle it's helpful to have tools available to keep you accountable, provide tips and information, or connect to a larger community. Good Housekeeping has created a list of 12 Best Health Apps to Help You Lose Weight, Eat Better & Exercise More. They also vary in pricing plans with some being free or requiring memberships. 

1. Calm

The Best App for Meditation
It’s hard to argue with a 4.8 out of 5 rating from over 1.5 million reviewers. Pick from hundreds of guided meditations and nature sounds such as ocean waves, heavy rain and babbling brooks in Apple's award-winning app. The mindfulness tool also offers "sleep stories" that can help lull you to dreamland with narrators such as Matthew McConaughey and the late Bob Ross.

2. Nutritionix

The Best App for Food Tracking
Use your smartphone to get instant and accurate nutritional info for more than 900,000 verified packaged, grocery and restaurant foods ranging from chips to Chipotle burritos. The pros at Good Housekeeping Institute appreciate that this app is customizable and provides an easy-to-use tool for those eating on-the-go.

3. Map My Walk

The Best App to Track Walking
Brought to you by Under Armour, Map My Walk provides you with the details on your walks and jogs with custom feedback on pace, distance, calorie burn, elevation and more. If you are just breaking in those new sneakers or even working out on the road, this app can show you the best routes to follow. Users gain motivation from a membership base of over 40 million members strong. Connect with Garmin or Apple Health to get the most out of your workout. This app is easy to use and updates users with their progress along their route. Upgrade to the premium version to use live tracking features so friends and family always know your location. The premium version also offers audio coaching on pace and speed.

4. Headspace

The Best Health App for Mental Health
Whether you are new to meditation, intermediate or advanced, Headspace is your magic wand to putting you in a calmer, happier place. With close to five stars and over 900k reviews, users can't rave enough about these easy-to-follow guided meditations. There are hundreds of mindfulness and breathing exercises to choose from, including ones geared toward improving anxiety to helping with focus and concentration with the soothing sounds of musician John Legend. Start with 3-minute meditations and build up to some of the longer in length practices if that’s your goal.

5. Fitbit

The Best App for Fitness Tracking
Fitbit wearers get detailed data on their heart rates, sleep quality, calories burned and more via the accompanying app. One of the favorite tracking devices of the Good Housekeeping Institute, it has been a mainstay on the wrists of athletes and fitness buffs for years. To get the most out of this app you need a tracking device, which is an added cost.

 To see the full list along with more details, pricing and screenshots of the apps, [click here.]

Whatever your goals this new year, we hope one of the apps on this list will help support you. Your health is important and should be a priority. Think of this as just the beginning of a long term lifestyle change that will allow for a fuller life. We celebrate your choice to change habits no matter how big or small. 

Work with a Team

Remember that these types of changes are better with other people on your team. Ask a friend or family member to help you be accountable or even better, join you! Ask people who have made successful changes for any helpful tips. And most importantly, work with your doctor to ensure your health is on the right path. 

How you feel is a great indicator of health, and regular check-ups with a medical professional can affirm your feelings, and keep you healthy for a long time to come. If you find yourself needing timely care, our Medical Specialty Center - Your Everyday Health Care Clinic - is ready when you are!


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