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What You Should Do to Help Prepare Your Child for a Sports Physical

Posted by Staff on August 11, 2017

Basketball, field hockey, soccer, football, or volleyball -- all things that unite classmates within the school, city, and maybe even state! Your child has practiced all summer, joined rec teams, and studied all of the tricks. Tryouts will start early in the school year, so what could you be forgetting?

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Topics: Physicals

How to Talk to Your Kids About Childhood Obesity

Posted by Staff on July 31, 2017

Little Peggy comes home from school, but she doesn’t tell her mom about her day, instead she heads to the living room and watches the TV. She doesn’t ask to have any friends over, or if she can go over to a friend’s house; not the typical attitude of an elementary schooler. Her mom doesn’t know how to respond, so she offers her an after-school snack: cookies and milk – Peggy’s favorite.

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Topics: Childhood Obesity

What You Need To Know About Exercising With COPD

Posted by Staff on July 19, 2017

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) is a term that describes a variety of progressive lung diseases, including asthma, chronic bronchitis, emphysema, and non-reversible asthma. This condition causes:

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Could Your Seasonal Allergies Be Something More Serious?

Posted by Staff on June 30, 2017

It’s the time of year where you don’t think twice about your sneezing, sinus pressure, runny nose, or that tickle in your throat because they’re all signs of seasonal allergies, right? Well, maybe not. We tend to associate certain symptoms with certain times of year, but you may be misdiagnosing yourself.

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Bad Health Habits You Should Stop Doing Right Now

Posted by Staff on June 29, 2017

If you are like most people, you have bad habits that are affecting your health. Many people have bad habits and they call them vices so that they don't seem as serious as they actually are. In reality, these bad habits can have lasting effects on your health. Luckily, it isn't too late to reverse the effects of these bad habits. Below is a list of the most common bad habits that are dangerous to your health and how you can quit them before it is too late.

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Topics: Healthy Lifestyle, Prevention

How To Know If You Need Special Vaccines Before Traveling Abroad

Posted by Staff on June 28, 2017

Planning a trip abroad can be very exciting. Whether you're traveling for business or pleasure, visiting a foreign country is an adventure. This is especially true if you have never traveled outside the country. There are certain foreign countries, however, where visiting can be dangerous unless you get the necessary immunizations.

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Topics: Vaccines, Travel

Understanding Different Types of Pain

Posted by Staff on June 27, 2017

Pain is a sign that there is something wrong in your body and often times, it can make you miserable. What you may not know is that all pain is not created equal. There are several different types of pain that are caused for a variety of reasons. If you are able to understand what type of pain you're suffering from, you will have a better idea of what type of doctor you would see and how the pain would be treated.

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Topics: Pain Management

How To Help Your Child When They Face A Weight Loss Setback

Posted by Staff on June 26, 2017

The number of overweight children in the United States has been growing at an alarming rate. According to KidsHealth.org, one out of every three kids is considered to be overweight or obese. The reason so many children are overweight and obese is because getting them healthy requires a complete lifestyle change. When your child starts to lose weight, they will start to feel better about themselves. It's important that you understand, however, that setbacks are not uncommon.


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Topics: Childhood Obesity

Best Ways To Keep From Getting Sick While Traveling

Posted by Staff on June 25, 2017

Everyone knows that getting sick is a part of life. Unfortunately, you can get sick at the most inconvenient times. If you're planning a trip, whether for business or for pleasure, the last thing that you need is to get sick while you're away. If you're out of the country, you won't have access to your own physician. Depending on where you're traveling, you may not have access to a high standard of care. The best way to avoid any complications is to keep from getting sick at all. There are several ways that you can keep from getting sick while you travel.

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Topics: Prevention, Travel

Should You Visit a Health Care Clinic if You're in Chronic Pain?

Posted by Staff on June 23, 2017

Do you suffer from chronic pain? We're not talking about the pain you might feel whenever you pull a muscle or cut a finger. Chronic pain is any pain that continues for weeks, months, or years. This is the kind of pain that drags on and on and affects your everyday life as well as your mental health. You might be waiting your pain out at home because you've had the flu recently, or you might be recovering from an injury and you are waiting for the pain to go away.

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Topics: Pain Management